The Ultimate Video Conference Room Setup

Never ask someone to repeat themselves in a virtual meeting again! High quality audio and video are just a click away!

The Poly Studio X30 is the answer. What was the Question?

The world is still working in virtual mode. Maybe a few people are in the office. But many of us are still meeting from our desks via webcams and the conference room is collecting dust bunnies. That is okay, but when things start to creep back into the normal way of life we had. Maybe you’ll be allowed a few more people in the conference room. Maybe you already have a bubble at work and your trust your team enough to have a few in the conference room. Or even your conference room space is very large allowing you to all be socially distant. You need a camera that’s going to capture everyones video and audio so you will be able to communicate effectively.

The Poly Studio X30 is a great system that has a high resolution camera and microphone that pickup everything in the room. It’s an ultra wide lens and sound bar, that easily mounts to your conference room monitor or television. The system allows for easy setup and can plug in directly to your already excisting computer system or it can be setup as a seperate device. (This requires an addition payment plan)The Poly Studio also connects via USB like any normal webcam or device. Simple Setup, easy connection to all your favourtie meeting software,  Zoom, Teams, Webex, Google Meet, it covers all the bases! 

Now… we can sit here and type out how great this device is. But you will most likely want to see it for yourself. We took the liberty to produce a video for you that’s at the top of this page. You might have already watched it and are confident that its a great device. You might just have a few more questions. Keep on reading for more specifications and details. If you have a managed service provider they can most likely help you figure the technical end of things out! 

More Tech Specs Below:

If you want to look at more details for yourself you can click here to go to Polycom’s website. But we can list below what the important specs for us are:


  • Poly Studio X30
  • Cable bundle
  • Monitor clamp
  • Privacy cover


  • Support for native 3rd party applications, including Zoom Rooms for Android and Microsoft Teams Collaboration Bar. 


  • 4x digital zoom
  • 120° FOV
  • UHD 2160p (4K) capture resolution
  • Automatic people framing

The Poly Studio X30 is a great system that will achieve high quality results for your virtual meetings. No longer do you need a television studio to look and sound good on camera. Many businesses are frustrated with the quality of video and audio from their laptop or cheap webcam. This is a little bit higher in price. But you get what you pay for. Especially when it comes to camera technology. Skycomp is very happy with the overall setup using the Poly Studio X30. It took us (without routing cables through walls) 15 minutes to get it up and running with our current computer. This setup is meant for conference rooms, but with webcams selling out constantly and technical setups getting more and more complex. You might want to put the idea of a webcam aside and get this for your home office. It is again a little more expensive then a Webcamera. But it would work flawlessly and your virtual meetings would be professional, and you might even get a few new leads, just from how good you look on screen! 

For more information about this product visit the Polycomp webstie. For more tech tips and reviews you can go to our other articles here: More Devices

Skycomp is looking for new products to review everyday! If you have something you want to share with us that you think is worth a full video review, drop us message across our social channels: CLICK HERE!

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