New Year New Plan? Three ways to Improve your Cyber Security without Breaking the Bank.

New Year New Me? Your Companies 'Cyber Security Resolutions' For 2021

Your team has been through a lot this year. You’ve transitioned to online and virtual meetings. You’ve stayed productive at home… as difficult as that can be sometimes… You’ve gotten a ton done without forgetting about that 8:00 AM meeting. Maybe you were a little late… but dry shampoo and a suit jacket do wonders. Even if you forgot your pants. You’ve even found ways to get away from it all… But now all those fond memories are coming back as Ontario is going back into lock down. But a new year is around the corner. So, it’s time to make some cyber security changes.

Step 1: Password Change

So, you have used the same password for everything because “I don’t want to waste my time looking up my passwords…” Well, your pets name with 123@ at the end isn’t the smartest most secure way. Did we just guess it? Time to change that password – we have a great way of changing that password to something that a hacker nor computer could guess. It will only take a few minutes of your time! An almost uncrackable password! 

Step 2: Two Factor Athenication

If you’ve never heard of this – it might sound like what Tom Cruise had to crack to get through facial recognition and eye scan in almost all Mission Impossible movies. It’s a little bit less cool than that. You may have set it up through your google account – every time you login on a new device you get a text to your phone to confirm that it is infact YOU who is logging in. You can setup Two Factor Authentication in many different scenarios. Tokens, Pin Numbers, it’s a really good way to make sure it’s only you who has access to an account. 

Step 3: Train Your Employees on Phishing Scams

 This one is maybe a bit more time intensive. But worth it. You get those sketchy emails about winning a cruise or someone pretending to be from your finance department asking you to wire transfer money to a new account. These two examples are easy to spot. These ‘Bad Actors’ no not Tom Cruise. The type of actor that is trying to make you believe they are someone they’re not and get you to click a link or give up a password. You can avoid these attempts by training your staff to watch out for them. Skycomp has a video talking about them here: Read Article

If you have gone through each of these steps, you’re closer to being more cyber secure in 2021. Share with us what you plan on doing to better your businesses cyber security in 2021. You can share with us on Twitter @SkycompIT as well as Instagram @SkycompIT. Make sure to tag us in your Cyber Security Journey! 

Wishing you all the best in the new year! From all of us at Skycomp Solutions! Happy New Year.

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