Who Needs a Managed Service Provider?

The Truth is MSPs aren’t a fit for everyone. Will it work for you?

You’ve stumbled upon our article ‘What is an MSP?’ now you want more details. You want to know if you need a separate IT company for your business.


The Truth is MSPs aren’t a fit for everyone. It is a monthly fee and can rack up cost and start to not make sense. BUT if you are a certain size of organization, it could make sense for you to start with an MSP.

Let’s give you a few examples of what scale of company makes sense to have a Managed Service Provider:

Have 10 or more employees:

If you have less the 10, the monthly fee is partly calculated per user needing technical support. For example, it could be around $150.00 per user per month, for an office phone, laptop tools, security tools, and having the ability to call/submit a ticket anytime they need assistance. If you had five employees, this might not make sense for you just yet. A solution like Staples or a smaller mom and pop computer shop would be more your speed.

Storing Private/Confidential Client Information:

This is where things get scary, but its important to understand that data anywhere can be hacked and stolen. Skycomp has seen many incidents of businesses in our Niagara community (not naming names) get hacked and have important data held for ransom. An MSP has many levels of security protocols in place. This makes it less likely your company data is hacked; they can also put in place cyber security training for your staff to ensure nobody is clicking and unsafe links that make it through the spam filters and firewalls. If you’re growing as a business, it might not be a bad idea to start thinking about this stuff.

Staying up to date with Hardware:

This is mainly for you and your employees, staying ahead of the constantly changing technology filled world we live in is important. Working with an MSP will allow you to have access to more technology options. For example, Skycomp is partners with Lenovo. Yes, the large worldwide computer company. That means we get access to new technology first, we get to test things out ahead of time and learn about what is the best, and maybe what doesn’t work for you. We can take your needs, questions and concerns and turn it into a laptop that does everything you need it to. Allowing you and your team to be effective and productive at work.


You might be saying to yourself – man, I am not quite big enough for an MSP. Maybe you are? Maybe your organization is a fit and you don’t know it? It doesn’t hurt to reach out and see if we can work something out for you.

You also might be the CEO of a company with more then 100 employees, again, we are a growing MSP, maybe we can work something out with you and manage your IT?

We should also mention, Skycomp Solutions inc. located in the heart of the Niagara Region. So, if you are a Niagara based business, and fit into any of the categories above, you might be a perfect fit.

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