What makes a Managed Service Provider “Good”?

Four business needs a Managed Service Provider should cover - and then some...

Skycomp is a Managed Service provider and we’ve given you a ton of information on what an MSP is, what they do, what it would cost, and why it might work for you or not. But the one thing we haven’t told you yet is what makes a Managed Service Provider good. (If you didn’t notice the blue highlighted links – you can follow them to learn more about MSP’s) 

What separates someone who is just managing your IT and taking a monthly fee vs. an MSP wanting to see you evolve and succeed? What made you sign up with them in the first place? These are big questions we know. It’s time that they were answered.

Of course, we are a little bias, we of course think our team is a good. But we have another unbiased article to prove it. Forbes wrote a great blog on four hallmarks of a great managed service provider. Read More: Forbes Article

We feel we fit into the Forbes categories. If you are a current client reading this – thankyou first off! But truly let us know if you feel we are missing something, could improve. A big part of our team is change and adaptation to better serve our clients, so we are all ears for bettering our services. And if you are thinking about reaching out and becoming a client of Skycomp’s, let this be your introduction to how we do things. We breakdown the four hallmarks and how we achieve them at Skycomp:

Helping Business Grow:

Something that Forbes brings up is that an MSP should help keep the business profitable. This is a broad statement. When working in technology and almost all organizations and businesses work with or closely with some sort of technology. The printing press has been retired for a long time. The truth is you want to get the sale to your client as fast as possible. To do this, your technology needs to be fast, reliable, and up to date. That is what an MSP should be doing. Don’t confuse this with upselling equipment and services just to make a buck. If you have an i3 computer and you can’t get quotes out fast enough, that is not upselling, that’s just suggesting your computer might be out of date, and its time for a new one.

Spending Extra Time Creating Technology Opportunity:

Utilizing technology to go above and beyond; talking about innovation and using our knowledge to help create something we can both profit from. Whether that be in marketing efforts or using our community connections to help you move to a new client. Something to take into consideration is if our clients aren’t profitable, then neither are we. We want to do to everything we can to help and push business forward!

Staying up to date with cyber security trends:

Meeting Technology compliance and regulations is an important for any IT company. Cyber security threats are on the rise, and we don’t mess around with any of that. As soon as your sign a Managed Service Contract with Skycomp Solutions Inc, tools are put in place on your employees’ machines, Servers are connected to us and changed to meet our standards, and the onboarding process is focused on keeping your employees productive while putting everything in place to meet regulations and fit ‘The Skycomp Way’. Many other IT companies would say the same thing, it just matters on who you trust.

No Robots Here:

A fanatical high-level of customer service. After all what are you paying them for? To have technology problems solved when you need them to be solved. Skycomp live answers phones, we literally pick up a physical phone and answer it. That sometimes is unheard of in the IT industry, you might know many Information technology people as basement dwellers. Right now, we are on the fourth floor of a hustling, bustling downtown St. Cathartines, we interact with people and some of us even still have a tan from the summer and being outside. So, we deliver some top-notch communication and customer service to our clients.

We hope this opened your eyes to what Forbes thinks the four hallmarks of a good Managed Service Provider. And why we believe Skycomp fits into those categories. Looking for Managed Services? Contact us TODAY. Head on over to Skycomp.ca/contact for more information!

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