What does a Skycomp “Network Discovery” Look like?

When you first sign up with Skycomp as your Managed Service Provider, you might have some questions. So do we!

Skycomp has a certain ‘way’ of doing things, not saying it’s the exact right way, or ‘our way or the highway’ kind of thing. But we like to see networks setup and servers secure in a certain way. Serge, the CEO at Skycomp has worked with computers, servers, and IT infrastructure since a very young age. With Serge, John our CIO, and Marc our project specialist, we really want what’s best for your network, and what is best for your network is ultimately the best for you and your team.

Remote work has changed our process a bit, but for most of the time our onboarding process has been the same. We take a few direct steps to ensure that your data, server infrastructure and workstation can move over to Skycomp’s control in a safe and efficient way. Allowing for less hassle, no down time and quick turnaround.

Step 1: You sign our Managed Service Agreement

This is more than just a piece of paper, this is us welcoming you into Skycomp’s network of connections, friends, and families. We take pride in the technical support we provide, once that agreement is signed, you can call us anytime 24/7, seven days a week and we will provide technology support to you and your team.

Step 2: Network Discovery

This is where the ‘magic’ happens. If you’re not technically minded when it comes to networks, it all does seem magical. But we send Marc our project specialist over to your office, studio, building, wherever you are, and he introduces himself, you’ll love Marc, he has a way of describing technology to people that aren’t technically savvy, so everyone can understand. You can watch one of his videos here:

 Marc comes in, checks out your server room depending on the scale of your company, and brings a computer to plug in and run some software that basically tells our team how safe, secure, reliable, and fast your network is. We find issues right away, and then take it back to our admin and technical teams at the office. April our inside sales specialist puts together a quote. But sometimes we can show you ways to use your current systems to optimize your network. Sometimes the cost can be more, or it can just fit in with your managed service agreement. All depends on what we are working with. Our team has seen a wide variety of networks.

Step 3: Implementation

Once everything is good with you, we’ve discussed what might have to happen with your network, how we can make your teams working experience better, and we take the time to implement all details. Then your network becomes faster, your team’s efficiency goes up, and you can still call us anytime you have a technical issue.

We hope that this helped break down how things get started when signing on with Skycomp Solutions, our business, team, and everything we do, we want to be transparent, open, and clear about what we do. Technology can be a hazy area for some, our team strives everyday to be non-technical in our explanations and personable. We hope to alleviate the process of switching to a Managed Service Provider, as with technology something always goes wrong, breaks, and needs fixing, but if you like the people you work with, sometimes it doesn’t seem so bad.

Thanks for reading and we hope you learned something about Network Discoveries, if you are still deciding whether you want to Managed Service Provider or another style or IT solution you can read the article here: What IT Service Is Right For Me? about making that choice.

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