The Great Solarwinds Hack of 2020

A network management software firm breached. You would think they have strong passwords and security... Right?

How many times have we heard it. Change your password. Make it something hard so that a computer or hacker can’t easliy guess it. We are defiantly sounding like a broken record. But this time we have something to change your mind about passwords. This blog post is not introducing you to password security – how important it is or any of that cyber security. You can click around our Skycomp.ca/learn page and find those for yourself. We have an informative video on how to create your own password in a strong yet memorable way: Click here to make your password! 

A little backstory on the Solarwinds Breach:

Back on Dec. 13 Solarwinds confirmed that hackers put malware into a service that is used across many United States federal government offices and other larger firms around the world. These services are used to monitor the health of their IT networks. Kind of ironic how what looks after your networks gets used against you. Five days earlier from when Solarwinds found out about their breach – FireEye also had been breached, with tools stolen that help secure IT operations.  You can read more about the FireEye hack here: learn/article/fireeye-cyber-attack 

Shocking Reason Why The Hackers Succeeded:

You might be thinking – how did this happen? Aren’t these firms and companies big enough to protect against these attacks? For the most part you would be right. Sometimes it isn’t about resources. It’s about the passwords you choose. The big reason that the hackers got in was because the password was: solar123.

Maybe if someone from Solarwinds read one of our articles or watched some of our videos on cyber security… they would have changed this password…

We don’t want to get into the technical details – we just want you to know that no matter the scale or size of your business someone is trying to hack into your servers or personal and business information to try and get money or data. This can and will happen to you. If any potential hackers are reading this – our passwords are not Skycomp123, or Sky123 or comp123. So, don’t even think about it! 

Change your passwords! Your IT provider can only do so much – at some point it becomes up to you to be the most cyber secure you can be! If you need to create a strong password that can’t be hacked we have a fool proof way to do it! Just watch the video below for the full tutorial.

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