Team Member Highlight – Tim Schleich

Tim is our System's Architect, he's behind the scenes to make sure you are able to work 24/7.

Welcome to the first edition of our Team Member Highlight! We have some characters in our company. Many of them have been with us right from the beginning of Skycomp. Some have joined on a few months ago. Regardless of where they are on their career journey. We are happy to have them with us. And look forward to watching them grow and help build Skycomp into an even better Managed Service Provider everyday. 

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Meet Tim: What’s with the Axe?

You’ll have to ask him yourself once your company signs on with Skycomp’s Managed Services. Don’t worry he doesn’t bring it to work… anymore… 

Tim was asked a few key questions below. But if you know Tim, you know that he is not going to just give us normal answers. He is going to put his own twist of sarcastic comedy that make Tim a joy to talk to at the office. In another life Tim would 100% be a comedian. And I think the Skycomp team would be at every show. Lets see what answers we got:

What is your favorite thing do to when in the office?

As the pandemic has changed my views on office work, currently looking forward to working in the office is more of a change of location is the best part of coming into the office. Skycomp has given us the opportunity to work from home and made sure that we were able to take care of family. Since the pandemic began I have worked from home primarily and putting on pants and getting out into the real world has been a welcome change.

Why do you like Skycomp? Why do you like working here?

From the Moment I began working at Skycomp there has been a community feeling, that has remained. Serge has always has always been interested in us personally and not just as employees. As I have continued to work at Skycomp, Serge has always maintained that atmosphere. The company has grown over the years and at every point Serge has made me feel that  am not just an employee but part of the Company. The entire structure of the company has been built around that atmosphere which is very open and welcoming.

On your days off what do you like to do?

Currently on my days off I am spending time with Family. We have been going to the Park in Niagara recently. A few weeks ago we went to Balls Falls and this weekend we went to Queenston Heights. The Pandemic and weather have prevented a number of activities so with the relaxed restrictions and the improved weather we are taking advantage of the local green spaces. Before the lock down I was involved with Ball Hockey playing against Marc on occasion. I shocking also play video games.

Tim is a family man, gamer, and hard worker. We really want him back in the office to give us a laugh and also help us understand the difference between technical details. 

For now – enjoy working from home, spending that extra time with your family, and stay healthy and safe! And please remember to wear pants when you first come back! 

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