Microsoft Teams Whiteboard Features

Looking for a way to collaborate with your team on the same document - virtually?

If you don’t like to watch video tutorials and prefer to read about the details of a new software or update – Skycomp is happy to oblige in both ways! This article goes over the details and possibilities of the new Microsoft Teams Whiteboard feature. This is coming from a Managed Service Provider who deals with this stuff a lot.

Let’s jump into the details – what can it do?

When you join a team’s meeting, you can talk with video and audio features, type with a chat feature, share your screen, and NOW you can collaborate and work on the same image. That’s where the whiteboard feature comes in handy. When you open it, its just a blank page, the world… or in this case, Microsoft Teams is your canvas. You can select in the settings menu who in your Teams Call has access to the pen tools and is able to draw.

This Whiteboard is not just about drawing. It also has text boxes, shapes, reactions, sticky notes, documents, and images.

Along with that it has a pen tool, with red and blue colors, a highlighter and eraser, as well as a lasso tool. The possibilities are endless.

A Few key things we wanted to know before we used it in an actual meeting:

  • Q: Can you save everything after your done drawing/typing?
  • A: Yes, BUT – it only saves as a .PNG Which is a “picture” file. So that means you cannot edit it. Make sure to do all your edits and changes in the Teams Meeting.
  • Q: Does it automatically save your drawings if the Teams meeting ends?
  • A: If you leave and join the same meeting your drawings will stay – if you leave and join a different meeting everything is NOT saved.
  • Q: Can you select everything and delete it to start again?
  • A: Yes, using the lasso tool. Highlight the material you want to delete then hit the delete button on your keyboard.
  • Q: Can you save the work before the end of the meeting? Save the progress as you go?
  • A: Yes, you can, just go into the settings menu and hit save, it will download an image you’ll be able to save in your downloads folder.

We hope these quick questions helped you discover if it is a useful software for you and your team. Sometimes Teams gets a bad rep. especially compared to programs like Zoom, WebEx, and other online virtual meeting software’s. We at Skycomp see the usefulness in all of them. We push people and organizations to use Teams because everything integrates easily with the Office 365 suite, and just makes life easier.

Who doesn’t like life being easy? Skycomp Solutions is a Managed Service Provider located in the Niagara Region. We focus on businesses with 10-100 employees. And we a growing and over the pandemic have become the largest Managed Service Provider in the Niagara Region.

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