Microsoft Stream – Elevating Your Internal Company Content!

Bored of writing documentation for things your company has to learn? Instead record engaging videos on Microsoft Stream.

Microsoft 365 as created a new way to create online tutorials and make livestreaming through your organization a lot easier. It also has a ton of other uses. You can organize your content internally like a YouTube channel! But unlike a YouTube channel thing can be placed behind your firewall and stored within your enterprise account. We use Stream at Skycomp because we are a IT company and a Managed Service Provider. We need to keep our data safe as well as our clients. It’s a good option for anyone looking to start creating internal videos instead of writing out boring documentation.

So, you can read this boring ‘documentation’ or you can click the YouTube link above taking you through with Sebastian our digital content specialist who knows a thing or two about video platforms, he reviewed it and takes you on a screen capture journey through Microsoft Stream and all of its features.

Haven’t sold you on watching the video? That’s okay you can also read about it. Not as fun in our opinion, but you’ll get the same information.

What Options do I have?

Let’s list them out for you. Stream comes with a ton of controls and customizations, again remarkably like “YouTube Studio” but in some cases better. You can do a lot of things on Stream; the list would be too long to put here. But we will put the key features that you might find helpful to know.

  • Thumbnails on all videos
  • Livestream Platform with URL/Stream Key Option
  • Trim Videos After Upload
  • Replace Entire Video by Uploading a new file.
  • Record presentations and your web camera
  • Create custom channels, groups.
  • Enable different privacy settings on specific videos.
  • Link groups with Microsoft Teams
  • Link Live Events to Microsoft Teams Video Calls

These are just the key features that we found we like to use, and our clients like to use as well. Stream has a bunch of other features built in that do tons of other things. If you have a specific question you can reach out to Skycomp via social media and we’ll get back to you with the answer! 

The main reason that Microsoft Stream is jumping ahead of the pack when it comes to video platforms is because of the ability to really customize sharing. In YouTube you are just able to set a link to three options – Private, unlisted, and Public. This doesn’t allow for many options when it comes to internal video projects that you want to share only with your company. With Microsoft Stream you can share videos internally within your company and externally via links. You can choose to make the links accessible to certain emails or people in your organization. The customization options are truly endless. 

The other thing that Stream has recently come out with is a connection to Microsoft Teams. In Teams you can connect a ‘Team’ which is known as a ‘Group’ in stream. Once you create a ‘Group’ in Stream you can go to the Teams tab within Microsoft Teams and find it! This will enable you to share videos and documents and other data within this small group. Unless invited to the group nobody else in the organization will be able to view this information. Its a nifty feature that helps keep different sections of your office in different virtual sections. 

The main thing we want to get across to you is that Microsoft Stream is a very versatile platform. If you want to do something within the video content realm. The chances are Stream has this option for you. So, before you create an internal YouTube channel, checkout Stream first, and if you have Office 365 it comes with your license! So, no extra purchases! That’s sweet. 

Watch the video above to find out more about all the features Stream offers.

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