Managed IT Services Niagara

Being involved in the community and passion for getting technology working and maintain it.

We get it. Your business is busy. You cannot afford for computers to go down. Business can be lost; money can be lost.

You’re looking for more visibility and control over your technology. But you don’t have the time to monitor and check in.

That’s where a Managed Service Provider comes in. We are in the Niagara Region as well, so your data doesn’t have to go all the way to Google servers in Ohio. It can come right to our server room. And if you need to talk to us, or need a technician on-site within a few minutes, we can send someone out!

Not everyone is a fit for this type of service. Technicians on call for you 24/7, proactive monitoring for hackers, and keeping multiple backups of your companies’ data isn’t a walk in the park. Don’t get us wrong, we love doing it. But with all said and done, it costs around $150.00 per user per month.

This cost starts to make sense when you have 10 or more users in your organization.

If you are reading this and it’s aligning with your company, maybe its time to reach out and start the conversation.

There are a bunch of other perks that come along with having an MSP, (Managed Service Provider) well… with Skycomp specifically.

We are involved in the community, our connections, are your connections.

Maybe you are struggling to find out what software to use for your vehicle milage tracking? Maybe you need advice on what computer to buy for your new graphic design intern, you might even enjoy local sporting events, chances are we can get you tickets, oh and help with all the technical details as well.

We also love talking to clients on the phone. We have different technicians, normally you are used to seeing this guy:


Well not saying we don’t look like that… sometimes… but we aren’t afraid to pickup the phone and chat. We have a dispatch team that gets your request directly to our service team in minutes. Depending on the severity of the problem, we get a technician on it right away – usually we proactively monitor, so we see the problem coming and have delt with it before you can even call in.

This goes for security, new computer setups, installing software, anything IT related that you can think of. We are ready for it, to answer the phone, remote into your system, and solve the problem!

Our goal is to get you back to work as soon as possible. Save your company money, and have technology be something that enhances your work rather then hinder it.

Interested in getting started with Skycomp? Reach out to us at Skycomp.ca/contact. Give us a call and let’s start getting your technology up to standard. Getting your company on a fast reliable network, and get back to productive, happy, rewarding work.

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Stop worrying about IT.

If our team sounds like a good fit for your organization, we’d love the opportunity to show you how we can help.