Happy Halloween from The Skycomp Team!

Our first in-person family event in a long time!

As much as the team loves working hard – we also enjoy spending time with friends and family, bringing everyone together to celebrate a healthy work/life balance.

The night before Halloween our team decided it would be fun to setup a scavenger hunt for our teams’ kids, friends, and family.

We created a simple story that Kara – our account manager was shocked by a printer and slowly started turning into the ‘wicked witch of the glitch’ – her transformation into the scary witch happened at the office, our team got locked in the stock room, and it was our new technician Mitchell’s job to save the team… But Mitchell could not do it alone, he would need your help to complete the tasks in the scavenger hunt and save Kara from the witch’s grasp.

Does this sound like an Oscar winning movie? Well guess what we made it! Grab your popcorn!

Hopefully you followed our story… Regardless this sent us off on our quest to save the team! So, on Oct. 30th on a dreary looking Saturday, the team hiked through the mud, in full costume to solve the scavenger hunt. We even had some dinosaurs show up…

This was a true team effort putting this together, some amazing acting skills and Kara going all out, in full costume and makeup, performing for every kid that showed up at the end of the scavenger hunt. A Truly fun team experience.

The most important thing was we all go to see most of our team in person, we got to stand socially distant and chat over coffee and sandwiches after the event was over.

Big thanks to all the Skycomp team for showing up and being a part of such a wonderful day! Happy Halloween and stay safe out there!

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