Does Your Bluetooth Device Have a Built-in Mic?

Unsure whether a Bluetooth device has a microphone in it? Before placing that order, check its feature set

Bluetooth devices are becoming more popular. You can tell because most cars now come with a built in Bluetooth speaker. Say goodbye to the aux cord and hello to the chain of adapters. For some Bluetooth is great, it connects easily to your device. Music plays and everything is all good in the world. But sometimes your device can unpair, or the newest problem, when your on the phone with your boss working from home trying to figure out details for an important client and then… the audio connects to your car when someone is pulling out of the driveway. Suddenly your boss is now talking to your husband running out to get groceries.

What you want to know is simple. Does the device your researching have a built-in microphone? You want to be able to connect and hear your call loud and clear and for the person on the other end to be able to hear you clear as a bell.

How do you find out if your Bluetooth device has a microphone in it?

Simple: If you haven’t purchased the product simple go to the device’s tech specs (usually on the company website) and find out in the tech specs. It should say something along the lines of Bluetooth Calling.

If you have purchased the product and you are struggling to set it up. You got too excited and tossed out the box and instructions. Don’t worry there is usually a straightforward way to find out. First, you must connect the device to a phone or computer. If your device is not finding a nearby Bluetooth device, try pressing the button on the device and holding it down. Usually that will do the trick. If you still got nothing. A good tip is to again go to the company’s website. You can find out there how to connect, they will most likely have simple instructions.

Now you are connected, and the little Bluetooth symbol is on and it recognized the device. You are in business. On a phone when you connect it will say something along the lines of… “Connected to Audio and Calling” if this is the case then you can be sure that your Bluetooth device has a microphone in it! If you get something along the lines of just “connected to audio” then chances are your device only has the capability to connect to the audio output of the phone or computer. When a call comes through it will just go to the headphones. But the person on the other end of the call will hear through your internal computer or phone mic.

Bluetooth devices can be tricky, but one device stands out from the rest and seems to have things simplified for all levels of users. The Lenovo 700 Ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker is thin, compact, and packs a punch of sound quality. Now words on a page cannot begin to describe sound quality. You kind of have to listen for yourself. But the reviews and test’s that the Skycomp team have done prove it to be a great Bluetooth device with very crisp sound quality.

Everyone is adapting to work from home. But what we are not thinking about is how we are going to adapt to the office environment with social distancing in place. We obviously cannot have everyone back in the office at once. That would start to cause problems. But what we can do is have some key roles in the offices again, and still have a few people work from home. This Bluetooth speaker would provide a way for the people working from the couch or dinning room an option to plug in the speaker, have the laptop open. Be on calls all day and not have to be holding a device or put in earbuds. They could still type, work, take service calls all from the comfort and safety of their own home. Working from home is already challenging especially if you are a parent. This Bluetooth speaker could provide comfort and allow you to get things done like you normally could at work.

Figuring out new technology, and wireless technology can be a challenging and frustrating time. It takes a lot of resetting Bluetooth connections, installing apps, making sure you are not connected to other devices… the list keeps going. Patience, research, and an expert can help you get through. Checkout more information about the Lenovo 700 Speaker by watching the video or if you haven’t already… watch the video at the top of this page.

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