Creating a Custom Voice Greeting In 3CX

Why not create a personal greeting for your phone system? Helps clients feel at ease and makes you sound professional!

With your 3CX phone system you have a few options. You can customize your settings on your personal phone attached to your extension. These settings can be accessed through a web client. This information can be sent to you from your IT administrator. You could also try searching for 3CX Welcome in your email. When you are setup with 3CX as a phone system you get an email, notification sent to your account, this includes a QR code to be able to setup 3CX on your iPhone or Android device. Below is what your welcome email should include:

Your Extension Details:

• Your extension number is ***

• Your extension’s PIN is ****

• Check your voicemail by dialing 999 and entering your PIN

• Web client for your extension:

? Inside the office:

? Outside the office: https://3cx.COMPANYNAMEHERE:0000/webclient

? Login using *** and password **********

(Instead of *** and 000 there will be real numbers here, we just didn’t want to share our company’s information to the world.)

Work from Anywhere with the 3CX Apps

For your smartphone:

• Install the iOS or Android Apps

• Scan the QR code at the top of this email (We don’t have an example QR code… we promise you’ll get one)

For your browser:

• Install the Google Chrome or Edge Extension – To install hit the button in your web client (usually the top left corner)

• To activate the extension, login to your web client first

There is also a Windows desktop App – configure it by running the attached config file. – Attached to this email will be a config file with the 3CX “wifi” logo, you can download that and run it on your system by double clicking it.

Once you’ve gone through all that setup, you can now find in your settings within the web client to add custom voice greetings! Your going to need to download Audacity if you want to record high quality versions like we did in the video tutorial. Audacity is free, and its a really great audio recording software that works on both windows and mac systems. Can’t go wrong – download it here: https://www.audacityteam.org/download/

The tutorial really explains it and shows you step by step on how to do this. We recommend scrolling to the top of the page and watching the video. But if you are stubborn and just love reading… we’ve got a step by step here for you as well.

  • Open Up the Web Client – you can Login here: 
  • Find your settings panel
  • Within Settings find your ‘Greeting’ panel
  • Then upload your recorded files there as: Format: WAV Channel: Mono Bit rate: 8 kHz Sampling: 16 bit
  • If you aren’t and audio engineer don’t worry – 3CX has a free online converter for you: HERE
  • Record your messages, upload your files and presto! Greetings Complete!

When you get your 3CX Welcome email you will be able to setup your cell phone, your desktop, and your google chrome extension. We have tutorials on how to do all these options. We also have tons of tutorials on how to setup your voicemail message as well as how to use the phone system, transfer calls and do so much more.

Please follow the links below and you will become a 3CX master. Your company might provide you with training time if so – Skycomp has an entire YouTube playlist for you to watch!

Once you’ve clicked through all these links, you’ll probably find that you are a 3CX master. If you are looking for more information about phone systems in general. We have created a short video series about the several types of phone systems you can purchase for your company. We wrote about it more in depth here: Why Would I Need to Change or Update my Phone System? and What is Hosted PBX? Is it Better then 3CX?

But we basically say that 3CX is the best option for a larger business, hosted PBX could be better for a smaller scale business, and we go over how you could make the transition to a new phone system, why you might want to do that. Old coper wire phone lines are good but having physical phone lines now is old fashioned in 2021.

3CX goes a long way. Especially working from home. You are easily able to install the 3CX app on your phone, work from your cell phone if needed, transfer calls, all the same controls as a regular handset. You also can work from home and use a headset from the desktop app. 3CX has really thought of everything when it comes to working from home.

Skycomp does not specifically only Sell 3CX, we are a Managed Service Provider. We look after your IT needs as if we were an internal IT person working in your office. We want to get to know your team, we want your team to get to know us, and we want to be available to you 24/7 to fix your IT issues. If you are looking to optimize your office and do more than just add a phone system, then Skycomp Solutions might be right for you.

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