Comparing the X1 Carbon, Nano, and Titanium Yoga

Choosing the Right Laptop for you.

Skycomp Solutions as a Managed IT Service Provider based in the Niagara Region is lucky enough to be partnered with Lenovo for all our laptop and workstation sales. This means we get to see new products come down the pipeline before the everyday consumer gets to see it. Which also means we get to review the computers and let you know what we think.

The X1 Series has been out for a while now, you’ve probably had some show up in your searches for a new laptop.

Skycomp wants to give you a different level of overview. You can go a read spec sheet, look at pictures online, and research reviews. But our inside sales specialist April and Serge Skycomp’s CEO took the time to talk about each system in depth and talk about the major differences between systems.

So that’s the video above, but below we delve into more specs directly from the Lenovo Website.

Buying a laptop shouldn’t be a drag and drop or buy the first one you see that’s on sale. Your work, personality, and preferences should play a big part in deciding what laptop is right for you.

At Skycomp we have a saying. Laptops and most technology come with three options. Speed, Size and Price. The catch is you can only pick two options.

Let’s break this down:

Laptop NameSpeed/PerformanceSize/WeightCost in Canadian $$Outcome:
ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga11th Gen Intel i7,16 GB Ram, 1TB SSD2.54 LBS –11.5mm x 297.5mm x 232.7mmStarting at: $3,919.00CALight and Fast – But Costs as much as a small boat.
X1 Carbon Gen 911th Gen Intel i7 32 GB Ram, 1 TB SSD2.49 LBS – 14.9mm x 314.5mm x 221.6mmstarting at: $2,348.19Light and Fast – A little more affordable.
X1 Nano 13”11th Gen Intel i7 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD1.99 LBS –292.8 x 207.7 x 13.87-16.7 mmStarting at$3,219.00VERY TINY and Speedy – As much as an expensive room at The Mirage Hotel & Casino
E15 Gen 211th Gen Intel i7 32 GB of Ram, 1TB SSD3.74 LBS – 18.9mm x 365mm x 240mmStarting at $729.00Larger/Heavier – Fast, more cost effective.
Legion Y740 (17″)9th Gen intel i7 16 GB Ram, NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti,1TB HDDPlus 256GB SSD6.4 LBS – 16.2” x 12” x 0.91”Starting at $2,299.99VERY Heavy, Fast/Powerful system, internal graphics, cost effective.

You can see in the above table that you make the computer heavier if it’s cheaper and powerful. If you make jack the performance/speed up, like a gaming computer, the price stays affordable, but the machine gets super-sized and heavy. And finally, if machine is super speedy and light, the price goes to premium prices.

This is just the way technology works; it costs money to fit high performance parts in a small form and keep it cool. It just the way of the laptop in now. Maybe soon we will see things get even smaller and still hold up performance wise. 

We hope you learned something about laptops today. If not, watch the video at the top of the page to get a high level overview of each of Lenovo’s new laptops.

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