Are Lenovo 700 Speakers Worth it?

Changing the Bluetooth game, the Lenovo 700 ultraportable Bluetooth speaker has a bunch of new capabilities for someone:

Many different big tech companies have come out with Bluetooth devices. Why do we need all these wireless Bluetooth, battery powered devices? The short answer is that most devices now are changing to USB-C connections or don’t have a headphone jack anymore. The long answer is technology is adapting to become future proof, so all devices connect in one big long chain of USB-C cables. The reality is that cables are improving, and speeds of data transfer are improving. We are all just caught in this strange transition period of what iPhone adapter am I going to need to buy next. So, is buying one of these fancy Bluetooth speakers worth it?

It all depends on what you want out of your device. If you want to listen to music, receive phone calls, and sitting out on the patio yelling, “Alexa! Play classic rock hits!” You have a few options to research and go through before selecting the right one that fits your needs. If you need something for work. A new device by Lenovo is adding some additional buttons and features to make life for work a little easier. The Lenovo 700 Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker has a bunch of new capabilities for someone working from home. They added the feature making it possible to connect to VoIP conference calling. This is a game changer for all those people who had to uproot their work lives and bring everything home.

Other devices like Bluetooth ear buds or headphones might be good for someone who just wants to listen to music, and occasionally take a business call while multitasking. For the home chef we have the Amazon Alexa. Good for listening to your favorite audio book while cooking in the kitchen, hands free, so no grease or food all over your phone. And its always plugged in and ready, so no need to remember hitting play or unlocking your phone just to cover it with soapy water while washing dishes. It’s the little things in life.

You may want a device that works for your at home workout. A boom of wireless earbuds has surfaced and many people are opting to buy the apple and android versions of these devices. These are good for the runner, or on the go buisness person making phone calls walking to the car from the office and vice versa. The one problem with these is you have to always put them in your ears, touch your face, adjust them. Some brands are more confortable than others. But to avoid that completely a bluetooth speaker with a built in microphone may be a better option. 

So, do you need a Bluetooth speaker? If you are looking to stick with tech trends and make life a bit easier then go for it. But if your happy with a headphone cord dangling in your way, or always looking to find the aux cord, then stick with the non-wireless route. The bonus is your device will never die. But most likely always be tangled in your pocket.

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